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Make A Statement

Today's look is super chic! This is possibly one of my favorite outfits. Adding a statement necklace to a plain outfit can elevate is so much.

The jeans I'm wearing are my favorite high waister from Charlotte Russe. You know me and my bibidget, like to keep things affordable in my closet! These are a solid dark wash with a super high waist (sorry you can't see) but, they were only $19.99!

The boots I've had FOREVER annnnd they're from Forever 21 for only around $30. Definitely important to have a solid pair of black knee boots in your closet.

The top, I got at a fitting, so I'm not exactly sure where it's from, but it's one of the favorite blouses I've ever owned. It's a really light and flowy material with shoulder cut outs and a collar.

The statement necklace is literally a bib, it's HUGE! But it's the perfect addition to completing this look. I also got this at a fitting as well, so I'm not sure where it's from either, but thank goodness for google and Macy's! You can find one similar super easy!

PS. A lot of you have been asking, so adding this in here, the pizza phone case is from Milky Way Cases.

Love you!

Brooke Taylor

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