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Fresh Affordable Meals

Hi friends! (read all the way through to get a discount code)

Today I wanted to talk to you about the post holiday struggles. After Thanksgiving I was ready to start eating healthy again, but was pressed for space in my apartment because I'm moving soon.

I didn't want to flood my refrigerator with a bunch of stuff I was going to have to move with me, also... who has time to cook now-a-days?

With my busy schedule, I've been on the hunt for fresh meals that are available for delivery to my place and are easy to prepare.. and behold, my friends at Freshly to the rescue.

I was contacted by Freshly to try their meal delivery service and I was sent 6 meals to try:

-Buffalo Chicken Breast

-Southwest Chicken Bowl

-Chicken Marsala

-Sicilian Style Chicken Parm

-Veggie Baked Penne

-Steak Peppercorn

Over-all, each meal was DELICIOUS. The Buffalo Chicken breast with cauliflower mash was my favorite and a close tie was the Chicken Parm!

What I love so much about these meals, are they are made-to-order. They're fresh, never frozen and you don't have to cook!

Let me walk you through the preparation process:

1. You take it out of the fridge, they are all labeled so early for you to find.

2. Ingredients, nutritional fact and directions are all on the back.

3. Slide the cardboard sleeve off to reveal your delicious meal... and you have 2 options for preparing, you can slit the plastic over top and cook it in the container it comes it, or my recommended way is to take it out of the packaging and microwave it on a plate for the designated time.

4. It's in the microwave always for less than 5 minutes and BAM. It's ready!

For someone on the go, this is definitely worth the money! It's SUPER affordable and by time you factor in the amount of ingredients and time you'd need to prepare all these meals, I feel like it's definitely saving you time and money in the long run.

If you'd like to try these meals, Freshly was nice enough to offer my readers a discount.

Go to Freshly.Com and use the code nocook639 which will give first-time users $20 off their 6 meal plan!

Seriously, check it out and let me know what you think!

Thanks as always for reading.

Love y'all,

Brooke Ashley Taylor

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