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Klasse 14 Watch ((HEART EYES))


Yes, I'm talkin'about you an the watch. I hope you seriously know though... how beautiful and wonderful you truly are! Don't ever forget that!!!!

Speaking of beautiful though... can I introduce you to the most beautiful watch that's ever stepped into my presence?

This is from Klasse 14, a watch brand that create a limited collection of exquisite watches that span from classic to sport varieties. Seriously.. these bad boys are BEAUTIFUL!!

Scanning through their website at first glance, I was in love. I feel like my face was the real life heart eyed emoji. So. BEAUTIFUL.

Let's go through my un-boxing process:

This is the box it comes in. Very sleek and classy.

Next I slid the lid off and here we go, I'm about to use that word again... BEAUTIFUL!

I don't know why, maybe I'm jaded from ordering things on the internet... but I feel like stuff never really looks like it does online. Something is always off. But nope, not here. This watch looks even better in person than it does in the pictures online at

Seriously though, let's look at a close up.


It comes with a camoscio leather strap band. (It's basically a matte looking band and this baby is SO elegant... ugh it's BEAUTIFUL) Right now if you purchase the any watch from this Miss Volare collection as well, you'll receive a genuine leather strap for free.

Here's another close up of the watch on a lighter background so you can really see the color of the watch.

Klasse 14 has been kind enough to offer a 12% discount for all of my readers!! If you're already shopping for the holidays, this would be a PERFECT gift for someone you love. Just check out and use the code BROOKERADIO at checkout!

Love y'all,

Brooke Taylor

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