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Denim Bomber Jacket

Okay, we all know how obsessed I am with Bomber jackets... they're my favorite pieces to layer with and I just feel like they're perfect for every outfit / occasion.

Over the weekend I was exploring new places in Chicago with some friends from out of town, and we came across a place in Wicker Park called RagStock. It's a thrift shop... but also a normal shop. There are used over-sized jean jackets for $17.. retro windbreakers for like $11... jeans... tank tops... flannels... jewelry... shoes... and all at such amazing prices.

One of the sections they have is new stuff that's never been worn and I found this Denim Bomber jacket... literally picked it up and fell in love. It's a thin, lightweight denim material so it's not bulky like a normal denim or jean jacket.

It's so thin, I was able to layer it with this short sleeved hoodie from Forever 21, paired with black ripped skinnies and booties... it's the perfect "I care, but don't care" outfit!

Outfit details:

Denim Bomber Jacket: $29 RagStock

Short Sleeved Hoodies: $19 (Men's section at Forever 21)

Ripped Black SKinnies: $19 Forever 21

Booties: $29 Target

Black Choker: $6 Forever 21

Love y'all,

Brooke Taylor

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