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VIDEO: This Is Me

Hey guys,

A lot of you have been asking for makeup tutorials and a lot of more 'beauty' content on my social media and it's been something I've been struggling with for the last year or so.

I love being the person you go to for makeup and fashion advice, it's like I'm your big sister.. and the way that makes me feel is indescribable in the best way possible.

You guys are my family.. so with family.. you have to be honest with each other right? So, here it goes.

Over the last year or so, between my career path, relationship struggles and family drama.. I've been really unhappy with myself. Gaining 20+ pounds, not eating right or taking care of myself.

In turn, that took away from my passion. I didn't want to go shopping for cute new outfits because I couldn't fit into them.. I didn't want to post selfies because of the way I looked... and I certainly didn't want to film tutorials because we all know the phrase "the camera adds 10 pounds," and that on top of the weight I had already gained... I didn't want to see it.

Now, I'm sure a lot of you are thinking... "Brooke, you're not fat." But, that's not the point. I don't think I'm 'fat', I was just extremely unhealthy... and if you've ever struggled with anything similar... you know exactly how an extra 10 pounds can feel like an extra 30. It's such a big difference and can affect your happiness. Which is what it did for me.

So, that all being said.. for the last few weeks I've been taking a lot better care of myself. Hydrating, drinking a lot of water... eating right and staying active. All of that combined with being comfortable in my own skin and growing closer to God, has changed me for the better.

I finally feel like myself again, so this is the beginning of the new #BrookesLook

Love y'all,

Brooke Taylor

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