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Someone the other day asked me what I think the biggest fashion trend this summer will be... and it took me a second to answer because the first thing that popped into my mind was OVERALLS. But, then I was like wait.. overalls were kind of a thing last summer. So then I thought back to how many pair of overalls I actually wore last year.. the answer was NONE. So, maybe I was just too scared to jump on the overalls band wagon, but this year I'm all in. Kinda hoping they're still a thing this year because I definitely stocked my closet with some.

These overalls are great because they're soooo comfy! They're a very thin material and would look great with a pair of converse or sandals too. I love overalls because you literally can wear any type of top underneath them. Long sleeve, tank tops, tee's or crop tops. Be creative with your overalls this year! Send me pics when you find a really cute outfit in your closet so I can get some inspiration from you guys! (Tag me: @BrookeRadio #BrookesLook)

Overalls: Forever 21

Booties: Target

Crop Top: Forever21

Necklace: The Giving Keys

Love ya'll,

Brooke Taylor

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