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Dress Up An Outfit With Pumps

Thank goodness it's finally spring time and the weather is cooperating! Lately I've been obsessed with pairing a tank top (tucked in of course) with skinny jeans and a pair of pumps.

It's funny too because one of my friends (shout out to Elizabethany) commented on my Instagram picture and was like "I need to remember that I can wear heels in places other than fancy dinners and the club. I immediately laughed, but also was like omg you're so right.. so many people don't ever wear pumps or dressy shoes outside of something fancy, but in reality.. they are so flattering and can brighten up a casual outfit so much!

Try dressing up a casual outfit like this with a pair of your favorite heels and tag me in your photos so I can see! @BrookeRadio #BrookesLook

Outfit details:

Top: TJ Maxx

Jeans: American Eagle

Pumps: Rack Room Shoes (one of my fave places to shop and find hidden gems)

Love ya'll,

Brooke Taylor

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