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Wednesday Vibes

So, one of my new years resolutions was to be more comortable in the clothes that I wear each day. I spend about half of my day in a studio where I talk on a mic for a living, so it's important to look good each day, but when you're not physically comfortable in an outfit, it's SOO annoying. If you have to sit a desk all day, or even a desk in school, I know you feel my pain!

This outfit, its a perfect example of my resolution! I paired an oversized blazer from Forever 21 with a long black tee, black leggings and booties! Can we talk about this statement necklace though?? It's one of my favorites, so of course I have it in gold as well!

I love how "professional" this outfit is, but also.. it's LEGGINGS.. so obviously I'm winning in the comfort game with this one too!

What are some of your favorite comfy wardrobe pieces? Tweet me @BrookeRadio!


Brooke Taylor


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