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Get A Winter Hamptons Glow!

Alright guys, I've officially decided to ditch the spray tanning business. I usually get one once or twice a month to keep my tan going year round, but then I stumbled upon Hamptons Glow! With any sunless tanner, I was very skeptical about being orange.. but, using this I was very pleasantly surprised! It's a gradual glow, so you can really be as dark as you'd like, you just have to keep applying the product! I'm in love with the body moisturizer too because it extends your glow while moisturizing at the same time! As with any sunless tanner, you have to be careful around the elbows, knees and areas like hands and feet, but if you make sure those areas are well moisturized, you'll be good to go! It's always a great idea to test out a small are of skin to see how dark the product will get on your skin type so you can get it perfect the first time!

Some helpful tips: make sure you apply the creme very evenly for the perfect even tan. This isn't something you want to rush, with sunless tanner you need to make sure you have plenty of time for the product to dry before you get dressed! Also, make sure if you're not using gloves while applying, to wipe your hands and in between your fingers with a damp cloth after applying, or else you'll have some orange oompa loompa hands haha! (We've all had to learn from experience with this one).

Also, forgot to tell you about the Hamptons Glow bronzer as well, it's the perfect addition for a bronzed look over your face makeup, or even areas of the body you want to highlight as well!

Over-all, I'm in love with Hamptons Glow and can't wait to continue using these products for a year round glow, not to mention it's SUPER affordable!

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Brooke Taylor

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