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DIY Key Necklace

Key necklaces are all the rage right now! Everyone in LA has one and they're some of my favorite accessories right now! They're called Giving Keys and they are so great because the company provides jobs to the less fortunate and spreads love throughout comminites. The premise behind it, is that you buy a necklace and on the key is a specific word, like BELIEVE. When you encounter someone who needs the message more than you, you're supposed to give them the necklace and essentially pay it forward.

It's an amazing act of love, but the keys can range from $30-$50. So, for those on a budget, I've found an alternative way to essentially create a similiar piece of jewelry that means something to you, with things you have right at home!

I've taken the key to my very first apartment in Los Angeles and put it on a chain to a necklace I never really wear!

It's really a great conversation startere too because a lot of people will approach you and ask "What does your giving key say?" Now you can respond with a cool story about what your key opened up, like my first apartment in a new city.

If you try it at home you have to show me pictures! I love seeing what you come up with. If you take a photo, share it on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #BrookesLook AND don't forget to tag me in them too; @BrookeRadio.

Love you guys, thanks so much for reading!


Brooke Taylor

#TheGivingKey #GivingKet #Key #DIY

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