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DIY: Gift Wrapping!

There is nothing more annoying than having to buy EXPENSIVE wrapping paper.. can I get an AMEN? I feel like wrapping paper is such a waste of money! Not only does it get more and more expensive every year, but it tears SO easily and finding a unique pattern is nearly impossible. Everyone has red and green and then those tacky little stickers that blend in with the patterns anyway.. it just doesn't stand out! Which is why I took it upon myself to find a very inexpensive and CUTE way to wrap my gifts this year!

Below I've created a step by step instruction guide on how to copy my look and make it look like you spent a fortune for less than $20!

Here's what you'll need:

Scotch Postal Wrapping Paper (30ft x 30 in) : This is WAY more durable than wrapping paper! It's thick and won't tear easily which is great, especially if you have animals that like to poke around the tree! I got this roll at Target for only $5.49!



Permanent Marker

Package Of Mini Ornaments : Target for $4.25


Decorative Ribbon: Target for $5.00

Step 1:

- Grab your gift and cut around it leaving enough paper on the edges to cover the entire box!

Step 2: Wrap it up!

Step 3: Tie the ribbon!

Step 4: Make the bow!

Step 5: Write your "To" and "From" on your mini ornament and attach it to the present!

Step 6: Repeat!

Ahh, I'm obsessed! You can use different colored ornaments to add more of a flare or not use ornaments at all! Be creative and make it your own, but don't forget to show me your pretty presents! Tag me on Twitter/Instagram: @BrookeRadio and use the hashtag #BrookesLook

Happy wrapping!


Brooke Taylor

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