August 14, 2017

Not gonna lie, I've been MIA on here and on my YouTube channel because of one reason that has completely changed my life. Adult acne.

Honestly, I've never struggled with acne. I've always had pretty clear skin with the occasional breakout, but being only 6 months away f...

August 14, 2017

I've been trying to get my hands on a pair of these cut out leggings forever, but I couldn't find a design that I liked. I have a couple pair of 3/4 length leggings with some mesh cut outs on the calves, but for those lazy days where you just want to be casual at work...

April 20, 2017

It's finally here! I know so many of you have been requesting an updated brow tutorial, and I finally filmed it!. If you have any questions leave them in the comments of the video. If you try the look and it looks AWESOME, tag me in your photos so I can see. If it does...

April 13, 2017

Welcome to my new favorite breakfast EVER... overnight oats.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and usually it's the one that we tend to skip. You wake up, you're running late, you need to get ready.. you just don't have time to eat breakfast unless you st...

April 1, 2017

Alright, let's talk layers. One of my favorite things to do is to take two of your favorite pieces and layer them for a new look. You've seen this bomber jacket in my pictures multiple times, it's one of my favorites if you couldn't tell.

I love it so much because you c...

March 23, 2017

Dear anyone trying to get motivated to be healthier,

This could be losing weight, eating better, going to the gym or just simply drinking more water. Let me first start off by saying... YOU CAN DO IT. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, a lot more people are st...

March 21, 2017

Three words to live by.


I feel like it's so easy sometimes to just get caught up in the day to day of life. Just going through the motions and not actually LIVING. Take a deep breath and don't forget to enjoy the view around you. LIVE your life.


Life would be...

March 16, 2017

Alright, let's talk lashes.

Lots of you have request a lash tutorial video, and I've finally delivered! If you have any questions at all, let me know! More video's coming soon!

Lashes used: ARDELL LASHES (I usually get mine at CVS or Ulta)

Love y'all,

Brooke Taylor 

March 14, 2017

Okay, we all know how obsessed I am with Bomber jackets... they're my favorite pieces to layer with and I just feel like they're perfect for every outfit / occasion.

Over the weekend I was exploring new places in Chicago with some friends from out of town, and we came a...

March 9, 2017

Dear Candle lovers,

We are meant to be friends. I am obsessed with candles, and am so thankful that Yankee Candle sent me their new spring fragrances. In the video I unbox them and do a first impression smell-test with you, plus watch til' the end for a giveaway!

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January 3, 2018

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